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Organic Chamomile & Oatmeal

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    Virgin Olive Oil
    Virgin Olive Oil

    Argan Oil is known as liquid gold and is sold in Morocco as a luxury beauty oil. It is rich in essential fatty acids, has anti-oxidant properties and when added to Virgin Olive Oil, it provides Omega 6 & 9 to skin and hair. These are ingredients that have been proven over centuries to be traditional beauty boosters which confer skin and hair benefits.

    Babassu Oil
    Chufa Oil
    Baobab Oil

    Combining three organic oils – Babassu Oil, Chufa Oil and Baobab Oil with two different moisturisers per formula, the Trio Oil range provides users with a wholesome moisturising experience.

    • Babassu Oil from Latin America
    Contains 5 fatty acids as well as vitamin E and phytosterols which act as antioxidants and is ideal for moisturising.

    • Chufa Oil from France
    From the papyrus family, Egyptians have been using it for 4000 years. It contains Omega 6 & 9 and Vitamin E that are an antioxidant. Particularly good for hair, it helps hair to be easier to manage, softer to touch and have more volume.

    • Baobab Oil from Africa
    Contains 9 fatty acids and Omega 3 & 6 which are excellent skin moisturisers and are ideal for healthy skin and hair.

    Inca Inchi
    Aloe Vera

    This range is formulated with ECO-CERTIFIED Inca Inchi Oil that helps to maintain skin hydration and elasticity while organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice moisturises and soothes your delicate skin. Combined with 2 Essential Oils, different for each product, this range delivers the best benefits during the shower.

    Chia Seed Oil
    Honey Extract

    Organic Chia Seed Oil from Germany helps to restore the hair and skin’s natural moisture barrier and retain moisture. Organic Honey extract from France is high in Minerals, Vitamins and Anti Oxidants and acts as a protective film for healthy skin and hair.


    The unique formulation combines organic Chamomile extract to soothe baby’s delicate skin with organic colloidal Oatmeal to help protecting the skin barrier and 100% ECO- CERTIFIED Olive Oil to moisturise the skin.

    Moisturising Body Wash

    Enriched with

    Olive Oil

    Superior Benefits

    Olive Oil helps moisturise the skin and Vitamin E improves skin elasticity.



    Vitamin E
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