How to use our hair serum?

Air pollution, bad eating habits, exposure to strong sunlight and the lack of hair care may be some of the reasons why your hair might start to lose its natural shine. And in moist and humid environments, your hair is especially prone to become curly and frizzy. Here is where hair serums are like a magic potion for all those battling against dull and frizzy hair.

We recommend to use Botaneco Garden Organic Trio Oil Hair Elixir that can be sprayed directly on hair and does not need to be rinsed. It can be used before shampoo as a moisturising treatment, before blow-drying to detangle hair or when you are styling your hair to improve hair manageability and help boost shine. And it brings 10 benefits:

– Moisturising & Nourishing
– Conditioning
– Damage Repair
– Detangling
– Improve hair manageability
– UV Protection
– Hair Shine
– Antioxidant
– Softening
– Anti-Frizz

With the correct use of our Hair Elixir, enjoy every beautiful moment with nice and shiny hair, day in and day out!